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Garage Daze Movie in Production

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Check out a sneak peek of Stephen DeLeon‘s new movie in the making “Garage Daze.” This new movie by Stephen DeLeon is a comedy about a┬áman attempting to change his future by reconciling his past. The movie stars Bar Room Hero‘s Steve Budkis and Andrew McKee. Plus, Garage Daze is introducing the new talents of Dolores Field and Andrew Reed.

These four cast members comprise their old high school band named “Hang’em High.” Each cast member plays the role of a late 20’s or early 30’s band member that deals with their past. Garage Daze explores the themes of longing for the past, reliving the glory days, and moving on to the future.

Join Stephen DeLeon and the cast of Garage Daze as they reunite the band Hang’em High. Do you have a past glory that you’d love to relive one last time?

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